New Single “He Knows” Official Video

“He Knows” is a smooth, upbeat track about an independent woman, much like the artist herself. The song marks the first of much to come from this diverse artist for 2017. Chach is a triple threat in the Canadian music industry and is proud of the many “hats” she wears in every aspect of her music.  

 TORONTO. Jan 17, 2017– Chach of Chachmusic Inc is happy to announce the release of her latest single “He Knows”. A catchy smooth and upbeat track reminiscent of an MJ song about an independent woman and the timing couldn’t be better. Chach is a female artist hailing from Toronto, Canada and is a triple threat when it comes to the music industry. This songwriter, producer and performer has much to offer us in 2017.
Chach is best known for her “upbeat, feel good music” and has many radio and club tracks under her belt. In 2016, Her single “Woosa” made waves across Canada along with others “Luv”, “Long Time feat Snow” and her dance hit “Outta Here” winning her a “One to Watch Award” in 2013. Her music has made the top 10 lists from DJs all over the globe since her debut single “Until” back in 2009. “He Knows” marks the first of much more to come from the indie artist this year.
“He Knows” is part of the #every8weeks” campaign where Chach will be releasing a new single every 8 weeks to showcasing her diversity in sound, lyrics and style. All information on live show dates and release dates can be seen on the website as well as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @chachmusic.